Women's Socks

Women's Socks Australia

Bring comfort on your feet to a whole new level with Underworks' wide selection of Women’s Socks. From casual socks to bamboo socks, footlets, and sports socks, your feet feel hugged in a way you’ve never felt before - just pure comfort no matter what you do.

Casual Socks

Get the perfect pair of socks to match your casual fashion style of the day. Underworks women’s casual socks range from footlet socks for total invisibility and comfort, to no-show socks for a no-show look on your sneakers, and bamboo crew socks to minimise moisture and foot odour for a worry-free mind at the end of the day.

Crew Socks

Engineered for ultimate comfort, and cushioned in the right places with a non-elastic top, Underworks’ women’s crew socks are designed to cover the calf and ankle providing warmth and protection for the foot and lower leg. They are an essential piece to your wardrobe.

Sport Socks

Underworks sports socks are built to last and are cushioned in all the right areas especially the heels and toes to absorb shock during intense activity and movement so you can push yourself to the limit without the worry of your feet giving out.

Footlet Socks

Made to stay invisible and still give your feet the comfort they need, our women’s footlet socks are specially Designed to stay on invisibly without slipping into your shoes so you can stay in style with confidence.

All Day Socks

Give your feet the ultimate comfort they need with Underworks All Day socks, especially for days when you have tons of things to do. Get socks that are made for maximum comfort in every move.

Bamboo Socks

Underworks Bamboo socks for women come from a viscose obtained from a bamboo blend. Engineered with an elastic top, and flat toe seams to give you ultimate comfort on your feet. Featuring its natural moisture-wicking technology, our bamboo socks will keep your feet drier than other socks. It’s a perfect choice for fresher feet all day.

No Show Socks

Stay slick, cool, and fashionable with Underworks no-show socks! There’s no need to show that you’re wearing socks. You just need to feel them comfortably on your feet.

Diabetic Socks

Designed with no elastic top, stays up all day, and feels no tightness or irritation, Underworks Diabetic socks help maintain healthy circulation, are cotton-rich, and leave no digging or skin marks.

Bed Socks

Keep your feet warm enough when the cold season comes with Underworks bed socks - your perfect choice of thermal socks for bed or lounging at home. Made with the highest quality materials, and engineered to give you additional warmth on cold days. Soft and cosy to wear with cute plush designs to elevate your mood in the gloomy days of winter.

Shop now and experience ultimate comfort on your feet with Underworks Women’s Socks!