Men's Winter Clothing

Stay warm indoors and outdoors with Men’s winter thermals. Shop thermal tops, long johns, & Sherpa socks!

Men's Winter Clothing

When the cold breeze blows and the temperature drops, we already know this time of year - winter is here. It’s going to be colder as the days go by so, equip yourself with the best winter thermals in Australia. With Underworks Heat Bods Thermal Clothing for Men, the coldness of winter feels like summer. Feel free to go on adventures, ski, hike, climb mountains, go camping, and do what you love.

Why Choose Underworks Men’s Winter Thermal Baselayers?

They’re barely there!

Warm yet thin, you wouldn’t even notice you’re wearing thermal baselayers underneath your winter clothes. Feel the warmth, not the bulk, when you put on Heat Bods thermals by Underworks.

Thermal Knit Construction

Our Men’s Heat Bods Heat Retention Cotton Thermal Shirt and Long John are crafted with a thermal knit construction that is specially designed to trap warmth close to the body, keeping you warmer than any other thermal wear you can find on the market. This thermal baselayer comes with a brushed cotton inner layer for extra softness on the skin. Made with a super stretch fabric to allow stretchability and freedom of movement as it contours the body and fits neatly under your outer winter jacket. Warm yourself up with fewer layers of warm clothing with Heat Bods Heat Retention Thermal Short Sleeve and Long Johns.

Natural Breathable Cotton

Made from natural, breathable cotton, our Men’s Heat Bods Heat Retention Thermal Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, and Long Johns give you the warmth your body needs but without the bulk. With a seam-free design for superior comfort without visible lines and an interlock construction designed to trap warmth close to your body, keeping you warmer than you could imagine.

Up to 5x Warmer Than Cotton

Underworks Heat Bods Thermal Socks are engineered with ultra-warm insulation that makes it up to 5x warmer than cotton socks. With a super brushed inner layer for an extra soft feel on your skin, Heat Bods socks are made from extra thick yarns to trap warmth close to the skin to achieve ultimate warmth.

Shop now and experience ultimate warmth with Heat Bods Men’s Winter Thermals.