Women's Footlet Socks

Women's Footlet Socks

Invisibly Comfortable

Made to stay invisible and still give your feet the comfort they need, our women’s footlet socks are perfect for pairing with your doll shoes and your dress.

Super Heel Grip

Designed to stay on without slipping into your shoes so you can confidently walk and stay in style. With Underworks Invisible Footlet Socks, you can freely move and rest assured that your socks are still in place.

Cotton Blend

Made with cotton fibres for extra comfort, you can feel free and light at every step and every turn. Underworks Women's Invisible Footlets are engineered to be lightweight and durable to guarantee ultimate comfort for years.


Engineered with a seamless design to provide your feet with maximum comfort without ruining your style. Comes in tan and black!

Shop now and stay fashionable and in style with Underworks Invisible Footlets! There’s no need to show that you’re wearing socks. You just need to feel them comfortably on your feet.