Kid's Socks

Kid's Socks

Your child’s comfort is our priority as much as yours. Hence, we, at Underworks continue to deliver top-quality socks for your children. With a wide range of socks from school socks to sports socks, and kids' thermal socks, we strive to provide unparalleled comfort and warmth to every child, giving parents like yourself peace of mind knowing they are wearing top-quality socks that wrap their feet with love.

Kids All Day Socks

Designed to last, Our Plain School Crew Socks for Kids are engineered to give your kid’s feet a hug whenever they’re far from home. These socks are built with reinforced heel and toe to deliver comfort in every move. For easy sorting, we have knitted them with colour-coded sizing.

Kids Sports Socks

Allow your kids to engage in sports with comfort on their feet. Boost your their confidence by giving them ultra-comfortable socks for sports. Underworks Kids Sports Socks are designed with a cushioned sole and arch support for extra comfortable feet in every move, helping them focus and excel in every game.

Heat Bods Kids Thermal Socks

Keep their little toes warm with Underworks Kids Winter Sherpa Socks. With a certified TOG rating of 4.0, these socks are up to 5x warmer than cotton socks. Made from extra thick yarns to trap warmth close to the skin, a luxurious Sherpa lining provides gentle softness, Underworks Sherpa socks for kids are the perfect socks for your child to give them unparalleled comfort and warmth on their feet in winter.

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