Bamboo Socks

Socks and Underwear for Men, Women & Kids made from super soft Bamboo.

Bamboo Socks Australia

Your feet deserve the best, so give them exactly that - introducing our bamboo socks for men & women. Eco-friendly, comfortable & super soft bamboo socks will keep your feet comfortable & fresh all day so you can focus on the important things in life.

Designed in Australia our bamboo socks are engineered for ultimate comfort, naturally breathable, antibacterial & hypoallergenic will keep your feet staying fresh & dry for longer & also being naturally odour resistant our bamboo socks will give you that extra level of comfort to keep you going further with Bamboo Socks.

Whether you’re looking for sports socks or just everyday socks our bamboo sock range has got you covered for all occasions! Shop the low-cut bamboo socks, ankle socks, or no-show bamboo socks for the invisible look! Shop Men's,Women’s & Baby Bamboo Socks Now!

Why bamboo socks?

Eco-friendly socks

The bamboo fabric used to make our socks is an organic material that absorbs greenhouse gasses and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent plantation of trees. It requires little or no pesticides and is a fantastic organic fabric, in addition, Bamboo grows fast and has a quick cycle of production.

This renewable resource can regenerate within a year. Bamboo is biodegradable and resistant to water shortage, unlike cotton. It is a natural resource that is easily maintained and can withstand droughts.

Moisture Wicking

Our bamboo socks will naturally wick moisture away from the skin making them odour-resistant since bacteria is dependent upon moist environments in order to grow. You will love having dry feet and not having to worry about stinky feet.

Naturally soft & comfortable

There are no sharp edges in bamboo fibres that can irritate the skin, making it a perfect product for sensitive skin. With other fabrics, they may contain tiny spurs that can irritate your skin while bamboo is free from any irritating fibres feeling luxurious on your skin. Not only are they super soft they are less tight on the top so it sits nicely on your skin instead of digging in.


Bamboo contains natural antimicrobial bio-agents that make it an antibacterial fibre. These bio-agents naturally repel both pests and other irritants which is why bamboo can be grown naturally without the use of chemicals such as pesticides which are normally present in cotton socks. These properties also repel germs, bacteria, fungus & other negative side effects making sure your bamboo socks keep your feet healthy all day.

Gets rid of moisture & odor

With naturally moisture-wicking fibre these bamboo socks are designed to protect your feet against moisture as the fibre is four times more absorbent than cotton socks keeping your foot dry & fresh. Additionally, they also prevent odour in your foot as odour usually comes from bacteria in damp areas of the foot, and because moisture is removed bacteria cannot grow therefore reducing foot odour.

Temperature regulating

Another benefit of bamboo socks is that they are temperature-regulating. This means that they will help control the temperature during different seasons, bamboo socks will keep your feet cool in the warmer seasons and warm in the colder seasons. Bamboo fabric is breathable to keep your feet cool and also retains a certain amount of heat to keep you warm during those cold months.

Non-Allergenic & Great for your skin

Bamboo socks naturally contain non-allergenic properties that are great for people with some sort of skin irritations. If you have skin allergies, sensitive skin, or eczema then bamboo socks are a great option for you.