Women's Winter Socks

Women’s Winter Socks

Complete your winter wardrobe with Underworks Heat Bods Women’s Winter Socks and keep your feet warm all winter.

Wrap your feet with certified TOG-rated, ultra-comfortable thermal socks that are 5x warmer than cotton socks!

Women’s Brushed Crew Socks

With a certified TOG rating of 2.3, our Women’s Brushed Crew Socks will hug your feet and keep them warm when winter comes. Made with extra thick yarns to trap warmth close to your skin, and with a super brushed inner layer to deliver extra warmth and comfort. Also available in mid-crew size.

Women’s Sherpa-Lined Crew Socks

Stay warm even in freezing temperatures with our Women’s Sherpa-Lined Crew Socks. With a certified TOG rating of 4.0, these ultra-comfortable socks will keep your feet toasty. Featuring a luxurious sherpa lining that gives gentle softness and traps warmth close to your skin, they are made with extra thick yarns for extra warmth.

Benefits and Features:

TOG rating explained TOGs are scientific measurements of warmth, heat resistance, or heat retention of a fabric or product.
  • Certified TOG rated
  • - TOG rating of 2.3 - 4.0
  • Brushed Inner Layer
  • - For extra warmth and comfort
  • Extra Thick Yarns
  • - Extra thick yarns trap in heat near the skin to achieve ultimate warmth

TOG Ratings: