Underworks Sustainability

Our Roadmap to 2030

The world is facing significant environmental and social challenges. At Underworks we are genuinely committed to do more good rather than less bad, so that the planet, the people that live on it and the great ecosystem we are surrounded by can thrive once again. We work hard so that we can bring you products that make you feel good. Simply because we want to do the right thing. Right by you and right by the planet! For generations to come.

Carbon Footprint

The fashion industry is collectively responsible for 8% of total global CO2 emissions. We need to do better. We are on a mission to reduce our business greenhouse gas emissions. We know that not everything we do is perfect, however we constantly evaluate how we can improve. We are investigating an array of great ways to reduce our impact and offset our emissions. We have set some ambitious targets for ourselves.

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Our achievements

Underworks is proud to be well on the way to achieve its Mission 2022. On a journey to reduce packaging and transition to recyclable and renewable materials, we have shown commitment and progress to lowering our environmental impact and setting industry example. But is does not stop here. We keep looking ahead and have developed some ambitious sustainability goals in our roadmap to 2030. You can read all about our progress below.

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We know that transparency is important. We would like you to have trust and confidence in our business. That’s why we openly communicate how we operate and how we take our ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility very seriously. That also means telling you where there are still challenges and what we can still improve. We are working hard to make sure we constantly seek to advance our practices and how we can minimize our impact. With Underworks you can make a conscious choice, when you buy your essential clothing items.

Sustainability Report

We believe as a business it is important to communicate our achievements but also our challenges to all our stakeholders. This includes our customers, suppliers, government, and other stakeholders. It is imperative to show what our ecological and social footprint is and what steps we are taking to constantly improve on this. Therefore, we aim to disclose some of our annual sustainability reports including our APCO Action Plan and Annual Report.

Underworks Roadmap to 2030 Sustainability Strategy
APCO Annual Report

Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were developed to create a roadmap for a better future by 2030. The goals are aimed at reducing poverty, preserving natural ecosystems, and reducing global greenhouse gas emissions amongst others. The SDGs are for everyone and flag the important areas that must be addressed so that we do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs by creating a better and more sustainable world for all. Underworks recognizes that it has the ability to positively contribute to SDG 9,10,12, 13 and 15 through its operations. Learn more to read how we make a positive impact.

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