Women's Sport Socks

Ultimate comfort and reliability for every move

Ready, get set, and go with Underworks Women’s Sport Socks!

Staying physically fit by exercising or working out requires focus, and you can’t achieve that with socks that bother you as you move.

Socks that keep digging in your toes or gripping your legs too hard destroy your exercise momentum. Get socks that help you achieve your fitness goals and provide you with the utmost comfort.

Underworks Women’s Sports Socks are built with top-quality material and design that supports all your daily activities and the planet!

Expertise that’s woven in

The innovation, expertise, and hard work we put in at every stage of the design and testing process allow our customers to be completely carefree – giving them the confidence to be the best they can be in any situation.


Underworks sports socks contain recycled yarns from pre and post-consumer waste materials, including reclaimed manufacturing waste. We're saving our planet by producing and using Underworks sustainable sports socks!

Ultimate comfort

Getting involved in sports requires focus, and so does working out. Underworks Sports Socks are engineered with cushioned soles and arch support for extra all-day comfort, and help you win.

Sweat some more. Stink no more!

When you exercise, your feet expect to sweat. Smelly feet are often caused by moisture, however, we have that taken care of. Underworks Women's Quarter Crew Sports Bamboo Socks are made of luxurious viscose from a bamboo blend with smooth and comfortable flat-toe seams, and no elastic top. With natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria, Women's Bamboo Sport Quarter Crew Socks are perfect for preventing foot odour after a sweat-filled day.

Everyday value pack

We always keep our customers in mind - from comfort to price value. Featuring multiple pairs of superior quality sports socks for one low price, it’s the best and most affordable choice for all our treasured customers.

Stay fit and help save the planet with Underworks Women’s Sports Socks! Get yours today!