I Give A Sock

Did you know...

Socks are one of the least donated items, but have the highest demand items amongst the homeless community in Australia.

Well, we intend to change that.. And fast!

At Underworks, we’ve partnered with charities such as Foodbank Victoria, The Salvation Army, Thread Together, The Good Box, Lighthouse Foundation for youth, The Living Room, Socks4 Support, Backpacks4Kids and St Kilda Mums and many more to provide a steady supply of brand new socks to the homeless, displaced and most in need in our community.

We are continuously striving to provide essential clothing to those in need all throughout the year.

We have donated more than


Essential items in the last 3 years

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*Underworks may cap the I Give A Sock donation of essential clothing items and reserve the right to increase this number at any time.