I Give A Sock

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Socks are one of the least donated, but highest demand items amongst the homeless community in Australia? It makes sense when you think about it, who would want to donate their old socks?

Well, we intend to change that.. And fast!

At Underworks, we’ve partnered with charities such as Food Bank, The Salvation Army and St Kilda mums to provide a steady supply of brand new socks to the homeless, displaced and most in need in our community.

You can help us to raise awareness for this extremely worthy cause by posting your silly sock pic on social media with the #igiveasock. We give a sock, and you should too!

We have donated more than


Essential items in the last 3 years

Here's how you can help

Post a silly sock pic on your social media account using the

#igiveasock and tag us @underworksaustralia

and you'll be donating a pair of socks to an Aussie in need. It's that simple

  1. Take a snap in your socks
  2. Share the image on social media
  3. Use the hashtag #igiveasock and tag @UnderworksAustralia
  4. Underworks will donate an essential item on your behalf

“Since the Covid 19 crisis began the demand placed upon the hundreds of charities we support every day has been unprecedented. In the last couple of months the number of people seeking assistance is up 78% – many of them have never had to ask for help before. We’re preparing for the chilly times ahead, knowing that anyone can make it through winter with a full belly and warm feet. Thanks to #IGiveASock we’ll make sure no one gets left in the cold.”

There is a critical need for personal essential clothing donations. That’s why at Underworks, we are committed to donating essential material aid, including underwear and thermals alongside our sock donations to those who need it most, especially during the coldest months of the year.

Proud Partners

*Underworks may cap the I Give a Sock donation at a maximum of 15000 pairs of brand new pairs of essential clothing items (for 15,000 posts) and reserve the right to increase this number at any time.

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