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What are Crew Socks?

An essential part of any man's wardrobe are crew socks, also known as half-calf socks. Crew-length socks may be worn in a variety of styles. Crew socks are a must-have for any outfit, whether it's for sports or dress shoes and outfits for going out. They can be worn pulled up to look smart and businesslike or scrunched down around your ankles for a more casual look.

When the weather is hot, crew socks are a nice alternative to longer socks and work well for both business suits and casual trousers and shorts.

Crew socks are a comfortable length for a great many occasions for men and women alike. Suitable for formal occasions to be comfortable that you don't expose any bare skin on your leg when you sit down and your pants ride up alittle.

For a similar reason to the one listed above, crew socks also make great athletic wear. You won't get your ankles cold when playing with them, and they are short enough not to interfere with your sports activities. You can stay fresh, cool, and focused for the entire match, race, or game if you choose bamboo that can help drain sweat.

Crew socks are available at Underworks in a variety of materials, such as cotton, polyester, bamboo. During the summer, it is a good idea to buy a breathable material such as bamboo socks for your feet to keep them cool & fresh.

Difference Between Crew Socks & Ankle Socks

It is primarily their height that makes crew length socks different from ankle socks. Still, there are quite a few different reasons why people wear them. Shorts wearers are often drawn to ankle socks because they tend to sit closer to the shoe. This is so that they don't have too much material around their ankles when they exercise, or they don't want longer types of socks to disrupt their entire outfit. Because of their shorter length, they are worn low, but completely pulled up.