Men's Diabetic Friendly Socks

No Elastic Top • Stays Up All Day • No Tightness or Irritation • Maintains Healthy Circulation • Cotton Rich • No Digging or Skin Marks

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Diabetic Friendly Socks for Men

Extra care and protection are a must for diabetic people. Keeping that in mind, Underworks engineered socks that are diabetic-friendly to cater to our valued customers. We have ensured that these socks are engineered to help protect your feet from blisters, injuries, wounds, and infections, providing nothing less than peace of mind and utmost comfort to all our valued customers.

Cotton Rich with Cushioned Soles

Men's Cotton Rich Cushion Crew Socks are specially engineered for superior comfort, made to be worn all day comfortably. Featuring no elastic at the top so you won't feel the tightness & irritation, stays up in place all day while sitting comfortably on your skin so you can go on with your daily life without any discomfort. With flat-toe seams to eliminate digging in your toes.


With a unique no-elastic comfort top design so you won't feel the tightness & irritation you get from other socks. Underworks Men’s Lightweight Crew Socks stays in place no matter what you're doing. Made with a super lightweight knit construction and flat toe seams to ensure your All Day Socks support you and your feet without you knowing they're even there.

Improve Circulation

Built with a cushioned sole, our Men’s Mid-Crew Socks for Walking provide extra softness and comfort. Featuring its comfortable, no-elastic top design, these socks prevent itchiness, red marks, or digging in, and a flat-toe seam for ultimate comfort on the toes, making them perfect for diabetics.

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