Bed Socks

Cosy bed socks to keep you warm this winter

Women's Bed Socks

When you feel cold in the night as winter comes, you need to keep yourself warm with thermal clothing and your feet with warm and cosy socks. Whether you’re lounging or in bed, Underworks Women’s Bed Socks are super soft and cosy, making them the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

Keep your feet warm with Heat Bods Women’s Bed socks by Underworks. Check out their features and benefits below:

Teddy Plush Design

Designed with cute , cosy unicorn colours you can’t resist, these bed socks help elevate your mood, making you feel even more relaxed at home. They come in four different colours and designs for you to choose from.

Crew Length

For extra warmth, our Heat Bods bed socks are intentionally engineered in crew lengths to keep your feet warmer during colder days and nights. The crew-length design gives you the freedom to keep your socks up when it is colder or pull them down with style. Whichever you choose, these bed socks are the perfect socks for enjoying your time at home.

Warm and Comfy

Heat Bods Bed Socks by Underworks are made from extra thick yarns to trap warmth close to your skin and are super brushed for an extra smooth feel. Made with top-quality materials, these socks are engineered for ultimate comfort and warmth on your feet.

Shop now and feel ultimately at home with Underworks Bed Socks!