Women's Winter Clothing

Stay warm & comfortable with women’s winter thermals. Shop thermal tops, long johns, and Sherpa socks.

Women's Winter Thermals

Stay warm with Heat Bods Women's Winter Thermals - the perfect thermal baselayers without ruining your stylish outer clothing. Add warmth and comfort to your stylish winter clothes by choosing the perfect warm underlayers to keep you warm in cold temperatures.

Heat Bods Technology

  • Thermal Knit Construction - heat retention material designed to lock in warmth close to the body.
  • Brushed Inside - For extra warmth and softness against the skin.
  • Super Soft Stretch Fabric - to contour the body and fit neatly under clothes.
  • Lightweight - for extra comfort and freedom of movement all day long.

Warmth Levels:

  • Warm
    • Women’s Heat Bods Pointelle Thermal Long Sleeve
    • Women’s Heat Bods Pointelle Thermal Vest
  • Extra Warm
    • Women’s Heat Retention Vest
    • Women’s Heat Retention Long Sleeve
    • Women’s Heat Retention Long John
    • Women’s Invisible Thermal Long Sleeve
    • Women’s Invisible Thermal Vest

    Women’s Winter Tops

    Intelligently designed to provide ultimate comfort and warmth during the cold season, Underworks Winter Thermal Long Sleeves and Vests for Women are made from super soft fabric that contours the body and hides neatly under your outer winter clothing. Engineered to keep you toasty without the bulk, you’d put on fewer layers but achieve more warmth.

    Invisible Winter Vests and Long Sleeves

    Warm up your body with Underworks Heat Bods Women's Invisible Thermal Long Sleeve and vest is carefully made to provide ultimate comfort and warmth. Made with thermal blend fibres that trap warmth close to the body and fine denier stretch fabric for warmth. Designed for stretchability without weight, get the freedom to move. With a seam-free, smooth finish that contours the body, these thermals hide perfectly underneath your mid-layer clothing.

    Winter Heat Retention Vests and Long Sleeves

    Built for unparalleled warmth and comfort, Underworks Heat Bods Women’s Heat Retention Thermal Vests and Long Sleeves are the best choice for winter thermal base layers. Brushed for extra softness on the skin, with thermal knit construction to trap warmth close to the body, and is made from a super stretch fabric that contours the body.

    Pointelle Thermal Winter Vests and Long Sleeve

    Featuring a side-seam-free design for superior comfort and smooth fit to the body, Heatbody Pointelle Thermal Vests and Long Sleeves are the perfect choice of winter thermal undergarments for ladies. Made with super soft thermal blend fibres for warmth without the bulk.

    Women’s Thermal Winter Long Johns

    Feel warmer than you’ve ever felt before when you have Heat Bods Women’s Thermal Long Johns on. Made with a brushed cotton inner layer for extra softness on your skin, a thermal knit construction to trap warmth close to your body, and a super stretch fabric that contours the body, fitting nicely under your clothes.

    Women’s Thermal Winter Socks

    Each Heat Bods Women’s Winter Socks are specially engineered to give you the additional layer of warmth you deserve. Extra soft and fleecy to keep your feet warm but ultimately comfortable throughout winter.

    Shop now and feel the warmth with Underworks Winter Thermals for women!