Men's All Day Socks

The ultimate comfort-top sock

Men’s All Day Socks - Engineered for All-Day Comfort

Choose to take every step, every turn, every stand with comfort on your feet. With Underworks All Day Socks for Men, your feet are wrapped in a cloud - pure comfort. No irritations, red marks, odour, or socks slipping down.

All Day Socks Benefits:

  • Comfort Top - No elastic tops mean no irritations and red marks
  • Cushioned sole - for extra softness on the heels
  • Flat toe seams - for reduced irritation at the front

Comfort in Every Step

Engineered with a comfortable top, flat-toe seams, and cushioned soles, Our All Day Socks for Men and Women provide gentle support on your feet for additional comfort for all-day wear. No matter how long you need to be on your feet, you are guaranteed to feel nothing less but ultimate comfort in your feet.

All Day Freshness

Feel fresher and drier all day with Underworks All Day Bamboo Socks. With Bamboo’s natural moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties, sweat is wicked away, thus, leaving no room for bacteria to grow. These are the perfect socks for those with sweaty feet. Feel drier and fresher at the end of the day!

Feel extra comfortable with Underworks All Day Bamboo Socks for Men. Made of bamboo fibres, which are round and smooth compared to other materials, bamboo socks have a softer, luxurious touch on the skin.

Stays in Place

With Underworks All Day Socks, socks slipping down your legs and into your shoes isn’t something you need to worry about or experience. Intelligently designed to stay up and in place all day without leaving itchiness or red marks on your skin.

Shop now and experience ultimate comfort on your feet all day with Underworks All Day Socks for Men!