Baby Heat Bods

Shop super soft and fleecy thermal socks to keep baby’s toes warm this winter.

Baby Thermal Socks by Heat Bods

Keep your baby warm and safe.

Newborns or infants are sensitive to cold temperatures. As parents, we must keep them warm, especially during winter. However, there are certain safety precautions we need to follow.

Doctors don’t recommend that you give your babies blankets and pillows. It’s not safe at all. So, the alternative is to keep them warm by dressing them in a sleep sack, swaddle wrapping if they’re just one or two months old, and putting on thermal socks on their feet.

When dressing your babies for colder days and nights, think about dressing yourself. Your baby needs the same feeling of warmth as you do. Sometimes, it’s best to give them an additional layer of warmth but not too much.

Heat Bods Technology:

  • Extra Warm - Thermal insulated socks designed to trap heat close to the skin for ultimate warmth and comfort
  • Stay On - Designed to stay on
  • Grip Soles - Unique grip design on the sole, perfect for little ones starting to find their feet indoors

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, Underworks Heat Bods Thermal Socks are the best warm socks you can get for them.

Give your babies extra warmth. Give them Underworks Baby Heat Bods Thermal Socks.