Sport Socks

Sports & Running Socks

Why Wear Sports Socks?

Whether you're a professional athlete or a gym-goer, sports socks are an essential part of your footwear wardrobe. Sports socks are designed to improve your performance by giving your foot the comfort & support it needs during intense activity & movement.

At Underworks our sports socks provide your feet with what they need to stay comfortable & supported whether you're running, working out, or competing in a sport.

Cushioned & Reinforced impact zones

Sports socks built to last & cushioned in all the right areas especially the heels & toes to absorb shock during intense activity & movement so you can push yourself to the limit without the worry of your feet giving out.

Mesh Ventilation

Our sports socks can regulate your temperature during those heated long sessions of intense sporting or working out so your feet can stay fresh & cool throughout providing you with extra comfort so you can give it your best.


Normally wearing sport shoes with a lower cut can make you prone to painful skin tearing leading to blisters because of sweat combined with the continuous friction between the back of your feet & your shoe.

Our heel tab sports socks allow you to wear a low cut sport sock as well as protect your feet from annoying painful blisters that put you out of the game!

Features a layer of fabric that sits between the back of the ankle and the shoe providing protection against sweat and continuous friction preventing any blisters from forming.