Our Commitment

The world is changing, and we are listening. At Underworks, we consider it our responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet and provide our customers with more earth-conscious products. Being more thoughtful with our material sourcing is just the start and we’re committed to evolving sustainable practises in everything we do. We’re not entirely there yet but we’re well on our way!

Radical Transparency

  • Improve socially responsible purchasing practices
  • Measure, quantify and report value chain impacts
  • Assure living wages

Carbon Reduction

  • Renewable energy at our Australian HQ
  • Carbon reductions in owned operations
  • Carbon offset in value chain

Packaging Improvement

  • Remove unnecessary plastic packaging
  • Reduce plastics in logistical operations
  • Remove plastics in ecommerce

Material Innovation

  • Increase uptake of recycled synthetic over virgin fibres
  • Reduce risk of sourcing from ancient and endangered forests
  • Trial new sustainable raw materials

Cotton Transition

  • Transition to organic and recycled cotton
  • Assure all cotton comes from preferred sources

Water reduction

  • Encourage suppliers to adopt water-saving processing technologies
  • Encourage suppliers to adopt proper effluent treatment processes

Community Initiatives

  • Strengthen and increase number of community initiatives
  • Actively persuade customers to wash in cold water
  • Active participation in multi-stakeholder initiatives

Circular Fashion

  • Trial and pilot sock take-back and recycling program
  • Reintegrate recycled fibres back into new products

Rather than telling a customer that a product is more sustainable, we would like to increase awareness amongst consumers on why they are choosing a particular product, based upon actively assessing the product’s fibre composition, the labour conditions, and its environmental impact. This is what Conscious Choice stands for; the customer making a conscious purchase for a product that has been made using preferred fibres (Pillar 1), better packaging (Pillar 2), has high environmental standards (Pillar 3) , and like all of our products is ethically manufactured (Pillar 4). These criteria fall under our foundational. Conscious Choice 4-pillar product labelling model. Products carrying this label will be produced using the most sustainable materials and packaging and with high social and environmental manufacturing standards.

At Underworks, we are committed to defending our planet and protecting the people who live here. Our products are manufactured under ethical working conditions and our mission is to use sustainably sourced materials in all of our products and packaging by 2022.

people first

We believe fiercely that all people deserve to be respected at work, paid appropriately and treated humanely... and we always have.

We value and respect humanity. Our workplaces in Australia and China are audited for ethical and safe work practices and they have been for 20 years. We have a zero-tolerance policy for child labour and hold our manufacturers to very strict standards regarding award wages, overtime payments and providing a safe and humane place to work.

‘As a business and a brand we are deeply committed to evolving our practices to become the sustainable choice for all Australians.’

Founder and CEO – Sam Todaro

pairs pledged.

As part of our commitment to reducing landfill and supporting our community, Underworks donates unused products to a variety of charity partners who distribute to people experiencing financial difficulty, homelessness or displacement.

Socks and undergarments are among the least donated, but highest demand items for people experiencing homelessness, displacement or financial hardship in Australia. It makes sense when you think about it - who would want to donate their old socks? At Underworks, we intend to change that, fast. We have developed a program to provide a steady supply of brand new socks to those who need them most.


The Underworks #igiveasock program creates custom-made socks that go directly to those living rough in the wintertime, free of charge and we’re very proud to be extending this program in 2020 and beyond. We proudly support community and charitable organisations through product donations, financial contributions, research partnerships and raising awareness.

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In our experience of working on the streets of our City, we have seen an increasing number of people with serious foot diseases, and worse, we have seen people lose their feet, and in some cases lose their lives, all because people cannot access clean socks.

Major Brendan Nottle, The Salvation Army

How can you play your part?

  • Look for the badge

    Look for the icon on selected Underworks products and make a more sustainable choice.

  • Shop sustainable

    When shopping for consumable items, consider purchasing from brands that are working towards a more sustainable future - there’s heaps!

  • Recycle

    Recycle packaging responsibly by following the guides on the label.

  • Donate

    Donate items in good condition to charity, pass on to a friend or consider clever ways to upcycle the items you don’t need anymore (Read More).

  • Dispose thoughtfully

    Dispose thoughtfully, where possible utilise textile recycling programs (Read More).

  • Care for garments

    Buy longer wearing products (just like ours), keep them longer and avoid replacing things you don’t need to.

Got ideas?
We’re all ears!

We’re nowhere near finished on our journey and we understand that many of our classmates have great procedures and partnerships in place already. If you or someone you know has a recommendation that will help us do better for people and planet, we welcome your feedback below.

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