Mens Heat Bods Socks

Ultimate Thermal Socks for Men

Keep your feet warm with Underworks Heat Bods Thermal Socks for Men.

Keep your feet warm all day and all night long with the warmest and most comfortable socks in Australia by Heat Bods. Go hunting, skiing, camping, fishing, or hiking wearing top-quality warm socks that are made to protect your feet from freezing this winter.

Heat Bods Technology
  • Ultra warm - Heat Bods thermal socks are up to 5x warmer than cotton socks.
  • Super Brushed Inner Layer - for extra warmth, comfort
  • Extra thick yarns - trap heat close to the skin to achieve ultimate warmth
  • TOG-rated - certified TOG rating ranging from 2.2 to 4.0

TOG Ratings:

  • TOG rating 2.2
    • Men’s Heat Bods Thermal Work Crew Socks
  • TOG rating 2.3
    • Men’s Heat Bods Brushed Crew Socks
    • Men’s Heat Bods Brushed Mid Crew Socks
  • TOG rating 4.0
    • Men’s Sherpa Crew Socks
    Variations: Value and Price:

    Doing the right thing for our customers, the planet, and each other is at the heart of our brand. From Heat Bods thermal socks, vests, and long-sleeves, to long johns, they are made with top-quality materials.

    Each product is specially designed to give you an additional layer of warmth yet extra soft, fleecy, and stretchable so you can have the freedom to move around without any feeling of bulk or discomfort. With millions of thermal clothing sold worldwide, we’re determined to continue making thermal socks and undergarments we think are the comfiest and the best value on the planet.

    Don’t go cold. Complete your winter wardrobe with Men’s thermal socks, thermal long johns, thermal short sleeves or long sleeves.