Baby Bamboo Socks

Ultra Comfortable Baby Bamboo Sock

Since babies' feet sweat too, they also need socks that will help eliminate moisture and odour. Featuring moisture-wicking properties, Underworks Baby Bamboo Socks are the perfect socks your babies need.

Moisture Wicking and Anti-Bacterial Properties

Underworks Bamboo socks for infants come from a viscose obtained from a bamboo blend. Designed with an elastic top, and flat toe seams to give babies ultimate comfort on their feet. Featuring its natural moisture-wicking technology, our Baby Bamboo Socks will keep your baby’s feet drier than other socks. It’s a perfect choice for fresher feet all day.

Softer and More Comfortable

For baby’s tender, sensitive skin, they need socks that are smoother and softer and that is Underworks Bamboo Socks for Baby. Giving baby’s feet a silk-like softness from bamboo viscose fibres.

How we are improving for the future, one step at a time

Bamboo is derived from a wild, naturally regenerative, and abundantly available plant species that grows in abundance naturally. It requires much less water than most other fibre species to grow and it requires no pesticides and fertilisers. Because of these features, it is said to help with greenhouse gases.

Everyday Value Pack

We always keep our customers in mind - from comfort to price value. Featuring multiple pairs of superior quality sports socks for one low price, it’s the best and most affordable choice for all our treasured customers.

Your baby’s feet deserve the luxury & comfort a bamboo sock provides, shop the online Baby bamboo sock range today. Go on, give your baby’s feet a special treat!