Sport Socks

Comfort for ultimate performance

Ultimate comfort

Our sports socks are carefully engineered to provide the best comfort and support.

Made to move with you

Keep life moving in your direction with the ultimate sport sock.

Built to last

Crafted from high quality fabrics to provide the best value and comfort.

Get physically fit with Underworks Sport Socks

Life is busy. And with so much going on, you need your socks and essentials to perform at their best so you can too.

Whether your aim is staying fit or winning every game, Underworks Sports Socks got you.

Underworks has been engineering socks that give you the comfort, confidence, and control to move uniquely. From your daily sports or exercise routine to a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, we help you focus on the moment you're in and the future you want to be part of.

Expertise that’s woven in.

From bed to the boardroom, basketball court to the bush track, our products deliver quality and reliability every time.

The innovation, expertise, and hard work we put in at every stage of the design and testing process, allows our customers to be completely carefree – giving you the confidence to be the best you can be in any situation.


Underworks sports socks contain recycled yarns from pre and post-consumer waste materials, including reclaimed manufacturing waste. We're saving our planet by producing and using Underworks sustainable sports socks!

Ultimate Comfort

Getting involved in sports requires focus and so does working out. Underworks Sports Socks are designed with cushioned soles and arch support for extra all-day comfort, and help you win.

Worry-Free Workout

Focus on getting in shape, knowing that sweat and foot odour after your exercise routine or game won’t surprise you at the end of the day. Foot odour is sometimes the reason behind discontinuing your daily routine exercise, hindering you from focusing on all the necessary tasks needed to get done - but not with Underworks Sports Socks with Bamboo.

Made with bamboo viscose fibres, these socks contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria, usually due to moisture or sweat from our feet.

Underworks Bamboo Sports Socks are naturally moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial making them the perfect sports socks. Light, and durable with cushioned soles for softer impact zones, it will keep you comfortable in the heat of the moment. With moisture wicking, these bamboo sports socks will keep your feet dry & cool by evaporating moisture faster than regular cotton socks reducing overall foot sweat so you can focus on the game and getting in shape!

Top-Quality Sports Socks for Men

Achieve outstanding performance in every game with Underworks Men’s Sport Socks. With ultra-comfortable features for top-notch performance.

Excellent Sports Socks for Women

Get yourself sports socks of the highest standard - Underworks Women’s Sports Socks - Designed to keep up with you in every move.

Shop for your young athlete

Give your little ones the right socks to help them excel in sports. Underworks Kids Sport Socks are engineered with cushioned soles and arch support for extra all-day comfort so they can perform at their best whether they’re competing or complying with their PE class activities.

Everyday value pack

We always keep our customers in mind - from comfort to price value. Featuring multiple pairs of superior quality sports socks for one low price, it’s the best and most affordable choice for all our treasured customers.

Experience unparalleled performance in the gym, on the tracks, or the court with Underworks Sports Socks!