What are Diabetic Socks?

What Are Diabetic Socks?

Diabetic Socks have the benefit of promoting healthy circulation in the feet & decreasing the risk of a foot injury. They are an integral part of diabetic foot care, which is very important due to the possible damage high blood sugar levels can cause to the nervous and circulatory systems.

Why Diabetic Socks?

Not everyone who has diabetes needs a diabetic sock, for Diabetics who have foot problems, it's recommended for them to wear diabetic socks, however for diabetics without foot problems regular socks are fine as long as they are not too constricting and fit well.

    It is recommended you wear diabetic socks if you:

  • Are currently experiencing blisters or fungal infections
  • Are experiencing changes in foot temperature
  • Have nerve damage as a result of Diabetes
  • Have peripheral artery disease
  • Are currently experiencing frequent changes in feet color

With diabetes comes sensitive feet, various foot conditions, and a more significant need to protect the feet than others. Unlike regular socks, diabetic socks feature unique characteristics protecting the foot from developing additional problems and ensuring that it remains comfortable and healthy.

Diabetes is generally associated with diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. Neuropathy results in a loss of feeling in the legs and feet due to damage to neural pathways. If one's nerves are not functioning properly, they cannot feel if something is too hot or too cold or if their feet are cut or sore. A lack of awareness can result in infection and complications. The vessels in the legs and feet become narrow from peripheral vascular disease, which reduces blood flow. This inhibits the healing of cuts or sores, increasing the chances of developing foot ulcers.

How do the All Day Diabetic Friendly Socks help?

Why Diabetic Socks?

All Day Socks are Diabetic Friendly socks designed with a number of features to address foot issues associated with the condition.

  • Promotes Circulation - Diabetic People may experience difficulty circulating their blood when wearing regular tight socks. All Day socks are built with a non elastic top to promotes a healthy circulation in your leg.
  • Flat Toe Seams - With advanced stitching technology, no irritating seams dig into toes and there is less chance of rubbing and blisters that can cause ulcers, especially for people with neuropathy or chronic hyperglycemia.
  • Graduated Compression - Stays up all day nicely on your skin without the need for any tight elastic leaving you comfortable all day without the irritation & red marks other regular socks usually leave.
  • Cushioned Sole - Engineered to gently support the feet whilst providing additional comfort for all day wear.

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